World Fitness Dance Academy LLC

                                                                         "Keeping People Fit All Over the World"

                                   Wellness Event



          Thankful for our Health Day of Wellness


Exercise and Nutrition are good for just about everyone, especially Aging Adults. 

When a person lifts weights, participate in movement classes, and get proper rest, it will help maintain their muscles and good health. 

They can enjoy an independent life for longer periods of time along with experiencing consistent health benefits. 

You can be THANKFUL for your HEALTH and continue to do the things you enjoy and stay independent as you age.  

  Wednesday, November 14th, 10am-2pm  


   Fifth Baptist Church 1415  Cary St. 

  Contact Cynthia to Participate or become a Sponsor/Vendor Today!                             

   804-306-59058    [email protected]


                                       Community Event - Free to the Public*