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About Us

WFDA incorporates regular dance fitness, strength training, and proper nutrition to prevent childhood obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, to improve the quality of life, offering a gateway to a successful health journey to those they serve and the community. The Company was formed on 08/14/2014 as a Limited Liability Company under Virginia state laws. Cynthia Thomas-Rustin operates it, and two volunteers provide physical health education classes online and in-person to youth and senior citizens, improving their daily lives and leading to a vibrant lifestyle.


Licensed Minister, Dancer, Fitness Coach, Inspirational Speaker

 Mrs. Cynthia

Mrs. Cynthia Thomas-Rustin is an extraordinary dance teacher, Licensed  Minister, and Zumba Instructor that exemplifies authentic leadership in and out of the studio. She serves the community with 25+ years of experience as a certified personal trainer, fitness coach, and youth mentor. Cynthia began dancing at 3 yrs old, beating pots in pans in her Grandmothers yard in Caroline County. 

She was a principal dancer with the Harry Bryce Dance Theatre and a former Robert Pemberton Dance Company member. She studied Alvin Ailey and Martha Graham's dance and movement techniques at the Harry Bryce Dance Theater. 

Cynthia is the founder of World Fitness Dance Academy, the Dance Ambassador of the National Dance Foundation for VA, and the President of RVA Youth and Seniors in Motion Non-Profit Organization. Cynthia is Richmond, Virginia's longest-running African American women-based business dedicated to training and encouraging students and professionals, including assisting National Recording Artist Earnest Pugh, appearing on Bobby Jones Gospel, and hosting the TV Program "Gospel Dance at its Best" CW Network.

As a Dance Fitness Teacher with childhood obesity and co-workers in the school system diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease, my purpose became addressing these issues, saving lives, and providing services to educate and promote a healthier lifestyle.​

She travels extensively, spreading the Gospel through Dance and Fitness. This is her calling and Passion!​​

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